Fieldbus integration in measurement systems

Field and vehicle buses are ubiquitous as efficient communication systems in modern machines, plants and vehicles. Correspondingly, the integration of the bus systems in measuring and testing tasks, as well as in automation, is becoming increasingly important. This involves, on one hand, the inclusion of status information and channels from external buses in measurements, and on the other, the provision of measurement data for higher-level applications (such as a test bench control).

In addition to the acquisition of analog measurement data by means of modular amplifiers, imc measurement devices allow synchronous data acquisition of digital bus systems. The measurement devices can be equipped with various fieldbus interfaces for this purpose. As a result, measurement data and status information can be read from the bus and at the same time, synchronously processed, displayed and stored in parallel with the analog measurement data.

Likewise, all acquired measurement data, variables and also analysis results (virtual channels) from an imc system can be transmitted via fieldbus. With an EtherCAT slave module, for example, measurement data and status information can be exchanged bidirectionally with automation systems such as Beckhoff TwinCAT, etc.

All fieldbus data are uniformly managed in imc STUDIO (settings, storage, handling). imc offers a wide range of supported fieldbus systems for different branches of industry.

  • Automobile: CAN, CAN FD, Flexray, XCPoE, Kistler Roadyn sensor systems
  • Commercial vehicles: J1587
  • Railway: MVB, IPTcom
  • Aerospace: ARINC, AFDX
  • Industrial: EtherCAT, Profibus, ProfiNET

The fieldbus modules are a factory-set option.

Application example

The digital bus systems are particularly relevant in vehicle testing to integrate vehicle information into a measurement. For example, data from the ECU can easily be incorporated into a measurement. All imc systems can be equipped with control device protocols, thus allowing, for example, XCP, CCP, KWP2000, OBD-2, etc., to be directly interpreted.

The same principle is also used in the test bench area. Status information coming from the test object's ECUs is integrated into the current measurement or additional devices of the test stand infrastructure (for example, climate control devices, actuators, etc.).

Suitable measurement systems & data loggers

The modular measurement systems of the imc CRONOS family are ideal for mixed-signal applications in which a wide range of analog and digital signals are to be logged together with fieldbus data. If only fieldbus data is to be logged, then the affordable imc BUSDAQ multibus datalogger is suitable, which supports many other bus systems and protocols in addition to CAN. To digitize analog signals near the sensor and transfer signals via the fieldbus, then the the imc CANSAS measurement modules are available.

imc CRONOScompact

Adaptable measurement and control system for mixed signal testing

imc CRONOSflex

Frameless modular measurement system for electromechanical testing


Rugged and sealed data acquisition system for electromechanical testing under harsh conditions


Intelligent and versatile field bus data logger and beyond

Available fieldbus options for imc measurement devices


imc CRONOSflex
imc CRONOScompact

imc BUSDAQflex
CAN FDavailable for node 3..12
XCPoE Slave
XCPoE Master
EtherCAT Slavenot available
Kistler RoaDyn®not available

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