The best solution

"Knowing the problem is more important than finding the solution, because the exact description of the problem leads automatically to the correct solution." - Albert Einstein

Our best references come from the completion of successful projects for clients from virtually all the major companies of the automotive, mechanical engineering and energy industries.

Our typical fields of service are:

  • Measurement & control
  • Automation
  • IT integration
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Mechanical and electrical test stand construction
  • System integration

We always look for the best solution

Our customers benefit from our problem-solving skills that go far beyond those of a traditional manufacturer and engineering service.

Customers rely on our unique know-how and our view of the market, and together, we develop innovative partial or complete solutions that always make the technically feasible more economical. When it comes to finding the best solution, we look not only to our own products, but also at third-party products as well.

Our clients ask us about their projects

They know from experience that we can meet their demands. In rare cases when we have to look elsewhere, that is, when a more appropriate solution is available, we don’t hesitate to recommend it.

We will meet your expectations

Our collaborations typically begin with a full understanding of the task at hand. We will then begin working out possible solution options and alternatives:

  • Consulting and design
  • Application development
  • System integration
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Training
  • Mediation of system partners and collaborations

Because of the large array of IT services at imc, we have established separate divisions within our department to handle all the specialized areas of measurement and testing. These include:

  • IT-infrastructures and networks
  • Data management and security
  • Databases and web applications
  • Measurement data transmission
  • Simulation and computational clusters

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