In imc Online FAMOS, how can I create a “fast” GPS channel?

To create a "fast" GPS channel, simply use an appropriate, quick reference channel and use this with the "CreateVChannelInt". To use this feature, the control constructs must be enabled in Online FAMOS.

Geben sie folgende Zeilen in Online FAMOS mit Steuerkonstrukten ein:

VC_Satellites = CreateVChannelInt (Channel_001, pv.GPS.satellites)

VC_Longitude = CreateVChannelInt (Channel_001, pv.GPS.longitude)

VC_Latitude = CreateVChannelInt (Channel_001, pv.GPS.latitude)

VC_Speed = CreateVChannelInt (Channel_001, pv.GPS.speed)

The Channel_001 is the quick reference channel, thus providing the "time track" for the virtual channel "VC_Satellites". For each value the GPS Mouse delivers, there is a corresponding process vector variable.

How can I add my measurement device in Explorer?


Even if you've already connected the imc DEVICES/STUDIO software with the device, it is not yet listed in Explorer. By clicking on the Data (Device) button in imc STUDIO, you can open it in Explorer. Or via Tools -> File Manager in imc Devices.


It will open the following dialog box. Under imc Systems, click on the Devices icon.

Next, using the right mouse button, click anywhere on an open space, then under context menu, choose new. This will open the Add Device interface dialog box. Now click on Search Network.


Select the desired device and confirm with OK. The device is now available in Explorer under Devices.

My measurement data are incomplete. How can I repair this?

Among other things, incomplete measurement data occur if the UPS in the device is defective and, is therefor, not allowing the device to shut down correctly.

To repair the incomplete measurement data, follow these steps: First, download the following file:

Then, simply copy Repair.exe and dirrepair.bat into the folder with the defective files (Make a Back-up first!) and execute dirrepair.bat. After this, you should now have access to the defective data.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in all cases. Always make sure that you make a back-up copy of your data. If this solution hasn’t worked, please contact the imc Hotline.

How do I change the physical units of virtual channels in imc Online FAMOS?

In imc Online FAMOS, go to the “i” button.


On the right side of the screen , choose the virtual channel. Then on the left side column, choose the term “Y-Units”.  In the bottom left drop-down, choose “user defined”, then fill in your desired unit.

For Y units, you can also enter them as SI units, which are then calculated as such, e.g., Volt with Ampere would arise as Watts. Other units in SI require quotation marks in the box. Units other than SI units require quotation marks to be entered and are therefore passed off as text, for example, "mV/V".

Does imc STUDIO require an unlock code?

imc STUDIO requires an unlock code

An imc DEVICES version always belongs with an imc STUDIO version. Here you can find out why an unlock code is required and how you get it.

An imc DEVICES version always belongs with an imc STUDIO version. The imc STUDIO software that uses imc DEVICE version ≥ 2.7 devices requires an unlock code. An update of imc DEVICES version 2.7 is not free of charge. Please make inquiries to your local distributor to submit a quote. Please note that only certain groups of devices are supported by imc STUDIO. For more information, refer to the technical data sheet and to imc STUDIO.

For questions, your local distributor will be happy to assist you or you can directly contact our hotline.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.

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