Test stand for transmission actuators

Extensive testing – automatic evaluation – fast results

  • The device under test (DUT), an EC motor, undergoes a variety of tests
    - Characteristic curve measurement with acoustic testing
    - Back EMF
    - Torque ripple
    - Entire manual control
    - Testing with customer specific ECU instead of inbuilt controller
  • The controller for the device under test is in the test stand and the test sequence integrated with parameterization and control via CAN
  • Extensive parameter sets allow for flexible adaptation of the test sequences for the respective DUT
  • Temperature controlled pauses ensure consistent test conditions
  • Customized vibration-decoupled mechanics enable interference-suppressed structure-borne noise testing

Integrate testing and control with imc:

  • Data acquisition with imc CRONOSflex 2000G with audio module in the test room
  • Calculation and visualization of characteristics in real time
  • Automated data storage in database
  • Traceability of measurement data to test parameters
  • Report generation with imc software solution imc FAMOS
  • Test stand sequence control with imc measurement devices

2 of these test stands are being used by customers worldwide in Würzburg and Detroit. Transmission actuators are used in dual-clutch transmissions, transfer cases and for oil supply. Fast switching times and fuel-efficient driving style are possible through the use of electromechanical components in transmissions.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.