Endurance Test Stands from imc

Endurance test stands to validate the life expectancy often run 24/7. We therefore place great store on the reliability of imc test stands. Whether it be the mechanics, data acquisition or automation – everything has been designed for endurance operation.

Automotive components in particular must often be tested and validated according to special wishes of the customer or according to standards such as LV 124 / LV 148. With our modular and flexible test stand software, you can adapt the software precisely to your requirements and needs. Ultimately, you receive a precisely matching test program containing exactly the functionalities you need for your tests.

 One special feature of imc test stands is an integrated real-time platform allowing online calculations. This means you can determine threshold values and perform trend analyses live in order to gain knowledge about your test object even before the end of the endurance test. As a result, imc test stands contribute to shorter development times and reduced cost.

Created for Pros:

  • SEG: Endurance test stands for starter motors
  • Mando
  • BOSCH: Pump test stands
  • SEG: MSP

Adaptable Test Software

imc test software is based on a modular design, is simple to extend and, thanks to an adaptable user interface, offers you precisely the functionalities you need. Nothing more, and nothing less. This reduces the training required and ensures simple and safe user operation.

Practical Examples

Other Test Stand Solutions from imc

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