T1 Digital 1-channel telemetry

The 1-channel telemetry system T1 is ideal for wireless transmission of strain gauge signals  from rotating shafts. The transmitter electronics allow the direct connection of strain gauges in full- and half-bridge mode. The bridge supply is fixed 4 Volt DC and the gain can be freely selected in 4 levels. The transmitter electronics (encoder) is only 35 mm wide, 18 mm long and 12 mm deep and weighs only 13 grams.

At a glance

  • channels: 1
  • signal bandwidth: 0 – 1200 Hz
  • input types: strain gauges, PT100
  • resolution: 16 Bit
  • transmission: inductive
  • power supply: inductive
  • housing: robust and water resistant
  • operating temperature: -40 … +85 °C
  • transmitter weight: 13 g
  • transmitter dimensions: 35 x 24 x 14 mm

Simple installation

In a matter of minutes, the transmitter can either be attached to the shaft using a special glass-fiber-reinforced tape, or it can be installed directly in a ring housing made for the shaft.

Examples of Housings

Wireless transmission and power supply

The power supply to the transmitter side and the digital data transmission to the receiver operate inductively. The T1 encoder generates a digital signal by means of pulsecode modulation (PCM), which is transmitted to the receiver head via an induction winding around the shaft. From there, the signal is sent via cable to the receiver unit. The maximum distance between the transmitter coil and the receiver/power supply head is up to 35 mm.

Receiver unit

The receiver unit provides an analog output (+/- 10 V) on the front side as standard and can also be equipped with a current loop (4 ... 20 mA). An automatic zero adjustment (auto-zero) can be triggered by pressing the AZ button on the front of the receiver.

Examples from the field

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