MTP-NT Modular telemetry

MTP-NT telemetry is a small and flexible telemetry system that has a modular design. It consists of freely selectable sensor modules, a controller module and an inductive transmitter unit. Depending on the needs of the user, the telemetry system can be freely assembled and subsequently adapted.

At a glance

  • channels: 2 - 256
  • signal bandwidth: 0 – 24 kHz
  • input types: strain gauge, TH-K, PT100, PT1000, IEPE, voltage
  • resolution: 16 bit (18 bit internal)
  • transmission: inductive
  • power supply: inductive
  • housing: robust and water resistant
  • operating temperature: -40 … +85 (125) °C
  • module dimensions: 60 x 40 x 10 mmm

The right module for every sensor type

MTP-NT telemetry offers two module types for sensors: a universal analog module for voltage, strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge) and IEPE sensors and a temperature module for measuring thermocouples (Type K and Type J) and PT100/1000. Each sensor module is available in a 2-channel or 4-channel version and is equipped with signal conditioning, antialiasing filters, A/D converters and a digital output.

Multiple modules, only one controller

Up to 128 modules (256 channels) can be controlled with a single MTP-NT controller module. The modules can be placed close to the sensors and connected to each other over longer distances of up to 10 m via interference-free digital outputs. This avoids unwanted noise. The output of the MTP-NT controller is a bit-serial PCM signal that is modulated for wireless transmission and can be transmitted inductively over distances up to 50 mm. It is designed for data rates up to 10 Mbit/s.

Wireless power supply

For permanent installations, e.g., in test benches or production facilities, telemetry often has to work uninterrupted for days or weeks. For this purpose, the MTP telemetry uses a non-contact, inductive power supply. Using a stationary inductive head and a receiver coil on the rotating component, the supply voltage for telemetry is transmitted without contact.

Wireless transmission

Depending on the application, different non-contact transmission links are available, e.g., an inductive coil antenna for distances up to 50 mm and a transmission rate of up to 10 Mbit/s. This allows, for instance, for 32 parallel channels, a signal bandwidth of up to 6,000 Hz and a corresponding 24,000 Hz with eight channels.

Receiver unit

In the MTP-NT receiver unit, all data from the transmitter modules converge. Via an Ethernet interface, the data can be forwarded to a higher-level system. An integrated
solution is provided by the imc measurement systems with TELDEC interface, which ensure a time-synchronous acquisition of telemetry and all other sensors and systems connected to the imc system.