One telemetry - many application options

Quick setups in automotive testing

When on the test track, quick setup times are valued. Using a Dx transmitter unit installed in a housing with an integrated power supply, the system can be ready for testing in very little time. The selected housing serves to reliably protect the transmitter and sensors against stone chipping and water. Whether measurements are taken from the wheels, engine compartment or powertrain, a variety of receiver antennas enables interference-free data transfer - even in inaccessible places. Through centrally-controlled sampling of up to four transmitter modules, Dx signals can be simultaneously acquired from multiple drive axles or wheels.

Versatile and temperature-resistant on the test stand

On the test stand, telemetry systems must be capable of being seamlessly embedded into the existing hardware. Thanks to CAN interfaces and analog outputs, the Dx is easy to integrate. The standard Dx transmitter module covers a variety of applications for torque and temperature measurements, for example, when testing torsion and tension. When it comes to online-calculation of torque and angular rotation, there is a special system available, that can output the resulting power directly in physical units via the standard interfaces. High-temperature transmitter modules allow for climate chamber temperature measurements from -40°C to +125°C.

Flexible operations on wind turbines

Measurement equipment used in conjunction with wind turbine rotors has to be low-maintenance and remote controllable. Thanks to the embedded web server of the Dx receiver unit, the system can be configured remotely over a network connection and the measurement can be restarted. The receiver unit Dx will recover from any power failure or supply interruption by automatic boot upon power on. The transmitter modules allow strain gauge-based measurements of bending moment and torsion, and the connection of special sensors suited for detection of blade angle and rotor position. Optionally, the system can also be used as an autarkic data logger.

The complete solution

In comprehensive testing of vehicles, wind turbines or machinery, it is necessary to detect many different physical quantities. This includes sensor signals such as strain gauge, acceleration, force, frequency and digital information from ECUs. To complete the system, imc measurement devices provide synchronous data acquisition and can be directly integrated with the CAEMAX Dx telemetry. Furthermore, imc software allows for a multitude of options when it comes to data analysis, visualization and processing.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.