• fos4Test

    Fiber-optic measurement technology

Fiber-optic measurement technology & sensors: imc fos4Test

The new fos4Test opto-electrical measurement amplifiers from imc enable precise measurements with fiber Bragg-based sensors.

FBG sensors enable measurements in environments where electrical sensors reach their limits. Unlike electrical measurement methods, this purely optical method is completely insensitive to environmental influences.

Equipped with 4 channels, the measurement amplifiers in the Expert-version, with up to 25 kHz sampling rate per channel, capture the signals of the FGB sensors - without aliasing.

Easy integration and comfortable operation

An Ethernet interface enables quick and easy connection of the systems to a PC or to the company network.

With comprehensive integration into the imc STUDIO measurement software , users of the fos4X systems have access to a market-proven tool for measuring, controlling and automating.

Synchronous measurements with all imc measurement system families

In addition to the fos4Test series, all other imc measurement systems can be operated synchronously during one measurement. This allows the combination of classic electrical sensors together with FBG sensors and offers a variety of application possibilities. This means that almost all current sensors can be used to record physical quantities, such as pressures, forces, speeds, vibrations, sounds, temperatures, voltages or currents.