High-speed data acquisition and transient recorder

The new imc EOS stands for speed! With sampling rates of up to 4 MHz, imc EOS allows precise analysis of very fast dynamic processes. Voltage, current transducers and IEPE sensors can be connected at four isolated inputs to measure acceleration, sound or force.  The areas of application are diverse: from high-speed recorder use in blasting tests to structure-borne noise and vibration measurements, analysis of switching processes on control units or airbag and crash tests, right through to e-mobility applications. An especially attractive feature is the possibility to operate imc EOS synchronously together with other imc measurement systems.

Important Features

4 MHz

Sampling rate per channel and instrument


± 100 V

Precision inputs with wide measurement ranges



Robust and autarkic, can also be used without PC


1.8 MHz

Analog signal bandwidth


1 Terabyte

Integrated flash memory



Integrated and synchronized with all imc measurement systems


24 bits

High-resolution, precise A/D converter



Optional battery pack allows autarkic operation



Uniform software for all imc systems


Fast and flexible measurement amplifier

imc EOS offers high-end measurement technology in a compact device. Four galvanically isolated precision amplifiers ensure perfect signal quality even in demanding electromagnetic environments. Each signal input is via either a BNC or LEMO connection that can be chosen according to sensor technology. Voltage signals up to ±100 V, IEPE/ICP sensors such as accelerometers, microphones or piezoelectric force sensors can be measured. Precision current transducers are also supported. The acquired signals are digitized with 24 bits at up to 4 MHz per channel – the analog bandwidth extends to 1.8 MHz. An optional individually configurable sensor supply of 2 Watts per channel for feeding active sensors leaves nothing to be desired.


Safe Storage

imc EOS can be equipped with an integrated flash memory of up to 1 Terabyte. This makes imc EOS an autarkic high-speed recorder suitable for use entirely without a PC. The system can also be comfortably configured, started and stopped remotely from a distance via WLAN. Onboard industrial-grade solid state storage ensures the safe internal storage of measurement data independently of a fast network connection. Furthermore, a flexible trigger machine  allows the data to be accurately reduced to relevant events. Additionally, data can be streamed via the Gigabit Ethernet interface to a PC for visualization and permanent archiving.

Integrated Comprehensive Solution

The demands placed on modern test environments are constantly increasing. In addition to the acquisition of classic mechanical and physical quantities such as strain, pressure, temperature and voltage, along with the variables of process control, field buses and others, there is also an increasing need for acquiring very fast signals in high resolution. Examples of this include ECU control signals, high dynamic range sensors and actuators or electromagnetic subsystems. Oscilloscopes, the classic solution frequently used in the past, usually fail to meet these high demands. The demand is for very precise, high resolution digitization far in excess of 12 bits, integrated sensor conditioning and seamless integration into one comprehensive system capable of acquiring, displaying, correlating and analysing all relevant quantities together. This calls for new approaches to measurement that synchronously bring together “slow” and “fast” data acquisition. With imc EOS this is child’s play, because it works together synchronously with all imc measurement data acquisition systems.

Furthermore, it is completely compatible mechanically with the imc CRONOSflex product family. imc CRONOSflex base units, as well as measurement modules and accessories, can be clicked together directly. This creates a comprehensive, integrated complete system for demanding test tasks that need only one power source. All connected devices are automatically supplied via an integrated backbone.  

Wide range of accessories

The versatile range of accessories in the imc CRONOSflex series, such as power supply modules or handles, battery-buffered UPS solutions (“power handle”) or sensor supply modules for high-performance current transducers and current clamps, are compatible with imc EOS measurement devices.

Furthermore, with imc NET-SWITCH – also with a click connection – a 5 port GBit network switch is available to the user, enabling the synchronous networking of systems. An especially comfortable feature: complete systems clicked together only need to be powered


Typical applications


  • Motor or transmission vibration
  • Turbocharger measurement
  • Injection system analysis
  • Airbag triggering tests
  • Crash tests


  • Measuring electric motors for 48V systems
  • e-mobility systems such as mild hybrid vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters
  • Power tool tests
  • Inverter and switch measurement

Aviation, aerospace & defence

  • Turbine testing (jets, power generation)
  • Rocket propulsion tests
  • Combustion instability monitoring
  • Blasting and explosion processes
  • Ballistics, shot and drop tests

Comfortable measurement technology software

As with all imc measurement systems, imc EOS operates with the uniform measurement software imc STUDIO. This software offers full control over the complete measurement process: from channel configuration through to the report. imc STUDIO brings together data acquisition, visualization, analysis and test automation. Regardless of whether you configure your imc EOS for fast mobile measurement in “black box” testing or for comprehensive testing with several imc systems and hundreds of channels, including synchronous video capture – with imc STUDIO you have full control over your complete measurement process.

Technical Data

 imc EOS U-4
System data rate4 MS/s
Analog inputs 
Analog inputs (BNC / LEMO)4
Sampling rate per channel1 kS/s to 4 MS/s
Analog bandwidth1,8 MHz
Operation modesVoltage measurement, AC- and DC coupling
IEPE sensors (AC with current feed)
Measurement ranges­±100 mV ... ±60V (max. 100V)
Isolationchannel-wise galvanically isolated
Selectable digital filters200 Hz … 500 kHz and
Automatic Anti-Aliasing-Filter (digital AAF):
max. 800 kHz @ 2 MSps/s
Resolution24 Bit ADC
Sensor supply (optional) 
Output voltage±15 V … ±2.5 V
Selectablechannel-wise configurable
Isolationchannel-wise galvanically isolated (test voltage: 250 V)
Output power1.5 W / channel, overload and short circuit proof
Ethernet1x GBit-LAN (RJ45)
WLAN (optional)WLAN adapter (802.11 g/n/ac, 300 Mbit/s)
Synchronization1x BNC (IRIG-B)
External trigger2x BNC (IN/ OUT)
Action button (manual start, trigger, etc.)
Data storage 
Onboard Flash memory480 or 960 GByte
Storage to PC (network streaming)
Arbitrary memory depth with pre and post trigger
Autonomous operation 
Autarkic operation (without PC) with auto-start
Auto data saving upon power failure
Trigger function (PC independent)
Synchronization & clock 
Master-Slave between imc systems
Network based synchronization: NTP and PTP (in preparation)
via external IRIG-B signal
Power supply 
DC supply input 10 to 50 V (isolated)
AC/DC adapter (110 to 230 VAC)
Data integrity (saving) upon power fail
Long term UPS (Li-Ion battery)
Operating conditions 
Operating temperature range (standard), non-condensating-10°C to +55°C
Operating temperature range (extended), condensation allowed-40°C to +85°C (optional)
Shock and vibrationMIL-STD-810
Rail Cargo Vibration Exposure
U.S. Highway Truck Vibration Exposure
Legende: Standard Optional

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.