CAN measurement modules for specialists

Complex measurement tasks require specially adapted solutions. The imc CANSAS family certainly helps to achieve precise results even in critical applications.
From ignition timing to high-resolution current measurements or from direct pressure measurement to a single-channel 120 degree module.

Module for precise current measurement from 50 nA to 50 A

The imc CANSAS-IHR measuring module allows the highly precise and interruption-free measurement of the current characteristics from 50 nA to 50 A. Responsible for the high range dynamics are two different measuring shunts, which are dynamically switched according to the strength of the current using an auto-ranging method.

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Measurement modules for high-isolated temperature measuring up to 800 V

The imc CANSAS-HCI8 measurement module allows safe and precise measurement of temperatures and low voltage signals riding on a high or indeterminate common mode level of up to 800 V. Typical applications include voltage or temperature measurements on high-voltage components for electric or hybrid vehicles, such as batteries, fuel cells and power circuits.

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imc CANSAS-IGN: Ignition Timing Measurement

Self contained ignition angle, time, and speed measurement module with CAN-Bus output

The imc CANSAS-IGN ignition timing measurement module is a compact measurement unit which provides universally compatible CAN-Bus outputs of RPM and per-cylinder ignition timing for any spark-ignited engine up to 12 cylinders.

  • CAN-Bus output of all processed signals
  • High speed transient signal capture in "Snapshot mode" with transfer of buffered signals via CAN-Bus
  • Cylinder recognition determines which piston(s) fire based on a camshaft position sensor
  • High sampling rate and high resolution for even the highest RPM engines

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imc µ-CANSAS - miniature measurement modules

Smart sensors are becoming increasingly more important. Digital transmission of converted sensor signals eliminates the costly need of laying long test leads. imc μ-CANSAS turns an analog sensor into a digital smart sensor. The module can be integrated directly into the sensor cable or the connector.

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