imc µ-CANSAS: Digitalization for Sensors

When the measurement module is directly connected to the sensor...

In existing R&D and test cells, where a large number of analog sensors and measurement cables already exist and cannot be replaced, the advantages of up-to-date Smart Sensor technology can be easily added thanks to analog sensors retrofitted with imc µ-CANSAS.

Combined calibration of sensor, measurement amplifier and signal digitization.
imc µ-CANSAS turns any analog sensor into an intelligent and readily identified digital Smart Sensor. For this purpose, imc µ-CANSAS is integrated into the sensor connection cable or into its terminal connector. This provides handy and economical integration of every measurement chain’s three components: sensor, measurement amplifier, and digitization, plus sensor recognition (TEDS, Transducer Electronic Datasheet as per IEEE 1451). As a result, these elements can also be calibrated together, for a true end-to-end verified measurement.

Short setup time, reliable measurement
Enhancing conventional analog sensors with imc µ-CANSAS means that the sensor’s analog raw signal is conditioned, digitized and is available as a CAN- or CANopen signal output.

In conjunction with imc µ-CANSAS, the analog sensor is transformed into a Smart Sensor. Its unique identity is recorded and universally recognizable. When used with a TEDS-capable data logger (e.g., imc CRONOScompact, imc C-SERIES, imc BUSDAQ), no manual adjustment or parameterization is needed whatsoever. It is no longer possible to accidently misconnect channels. A complete description of the sensor plus the complete measurement configuration and parameters are saved in the imc µ-CANSAS.

Even complex measurements can be performed without the need for high skills in measurement engineering. The whole measurement chain is electrically protected and can work in a temperature range of -40° C to +120 ° C. This enables it to be employed as a stand-alone measurement module, e.g., in test vehicles and at sites with harsh conditions and high ambient temperatures.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.