• imc BUSDAQflex

    Flexible and intelligent multi-bus data logger

  • imc BUSDAQflex

    imc integrates CAN FD into measurement systems

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One data logger - multiple applications

With the intelligent imc BUSDAQflex data logger series you have access to the usual bus systems of the automotive, railway, aircraft and machine industry. In addition to the acquisition of raw data streams and protocol channels, the live decoding of individual channels as well as complex protocols such as CCP, KWP2000, XCP, OBD2, etc. are supported. The standard basic configuration of 2 CAN nodes can be extended to 12 nodes for different field and vehicle buses for the larger device variants.


Perfect for mobile applications

-40° to +85°C

Operating temperature with condensation allowed


Reliably protects against loss of data in the event of power failure


Especially robust against shock and vibration

200 ms

Start-up time in sleep mode

10 - 50 VDC

Large input voltage range


Synchronously record position data with motion data

Communicate with a variety of bus systems and protocols

Supported field buses:

  • CAN
  • CAN FD
  • LIN
  • FlexRay
  • XCPoE
  • J1587
  • MVB

Supported protocols:

  • CCP
  • KWP2000
  • XCP
  • OBD2
  • UDS
  • DiagOnCan
  • TP2.0

Well networked

imc BUSDAQflex offers a wide range of networking options: cable or wireless. Via the Ethernet interface, the logger can be connected directly to your computer or a company network.

For remote systems, such as a fleet testing or facility monitoring, wireless access is possible via integrated WLAN or external imc UMTS router. This allows users to remotely monitor vehicles, machines and plants, view measurement data, determine positions and customize the configuration. The data loggers of the imc BUSDAQflex series offer various possibilities of remote access:

Manual remote access

imc BUSDAQflex supports the standard protocols ftp and https for manual remote access. Users can load measured data via a standard ftp program or access the data logger via an internet browser. If the logger is equipped with the optional imc REMOTE web server, it has its own "homepage". The design of the pages is carried out per drag & drop with finished display and control elements. In addition to the clear data presentation, interactions such as starting, stopping, triggering, etc. are also possible.

Automatic data transfer

Using the imc LINK Windows software, an automatic data transfer from imc measurement systems to your PC or a server can be realized. In addition, live information about the status of a measurement and the measurement device, as well as GPS data, can be displayed. Particularly convenient is the possibility to transfer the transferred data directly to imc FAMOS for automatic evaluation or to store it in structured form in the measurement database imc SEARCH.

Cloud connectivity

By means of imc WEBDEVICES cloud technology, data from the logger are automatically transferred to the cloud, the data integrity checked and, if desired, deleted on the logger. In addition, the cloud platform monitors characteristic values and sends notifications via SMS or e-mail when limits are exceeded. Access to the cloud is done with a standard internet browser. Users can track live status information, GPS positions and characteristic values, as well as download measurement data.

Clever functions

Auto-start with power on
Auto-backup in case of power failure
Extensive intelligent trigger functions
Extensive real-time analysis (imc Online FAMOS)
Sending of CAN messages (with imc Online FAMOS)

1: Only with pure CAN- / LIN equipment without additional field bus interfaces such as CAN FD, FlexRay, etc.

Intelligent with imc Online FAMOS

The real-time imc Online FAMOS platform makes it possible to convert incoming measurement data directly into results and without a PC directly in the measurement device.

Freely-definable online calculations and analysis
Patented data reduction
Function library with over 190 functions
Results in real-time
Limit monitoring of any measurement channel and reaction triggering

Create a measurement system with a simple click

Flexible expansion of measurement modules

The imc BUSDAQflex data logger is perfectly complemented by the imc CANSASflex series modules. The modules are directly attached to the logger by means of a click mechanism and expand its functionality with various analog and digital inputs. As a result, the user receives a particularly compact and modular measurement system.

Click-mechanism for more comfort

The imc CANSASflex series modules can be quickly connected using the click-mechanism: both mechanically and electrically. Blocks can easily be formed by simply clicking individual modules together without the use of wiring or fasteners.

Overview of device variants


 imc BUSLOGfleximc BUSDAQflex-2Simc BUSDAQflex-2imc BUSDAQflex-4imc BUSDAQflex-6imc BUSDAQflex-8imc BUSDAQflex-12
Bus interfaces       
CAN nodes2222 (max. 4)2 (max. 6)2 (max. 8)2 (max. 12)
Supported expansion modules   max. 1 modulemax. 2 modulesmax. 3 modulesmax. 5 modules
XCPoE   1111
MVB   1111
Kistler RoaDyn   1111
Inputs & outputs       
Digital inputs   4444
Digital outputs   4444
Ethernet 100 Mbit
WLAN-Adapter (internal)   
UMTS/LTE, 3G/4G (external)
GPS connection  
Display connection  
Data storage       
Ring storage
Memory card slotCF-cardCF-cardCF-cardCF-cardCF-cardCF-cardCF-card
Vector-Database (DBC)
imc Online FAMOS
(real-time analysis)
(CCP, XCP, etc.)
imc REMOTE Webserver

 Key: default, optional

1: Longer delivery time

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