EC motor test stand

The rapid expansion of the market for advanced “Steering-By-Wire” guidance systems such as EPS and AFS requires ever more exhaustive testing. Here, the reproducibility and great savings of time are the main advantages offered by test stations.

End consumers’ rising expectations of quality means increased requirements for measurement and control systems, which the proven products from imc are able to meet.


DC- EC- motor test stand

In the field of automotive R&D, electromotors are finding increasing use powering seat adjustment, sunroofs, side mirrors etc. Currently, the DC motors involved are being replaced with EC motors. imc is assisting in this transition with DC/EC motor test stands.

AC motor test stand

Manufacturing of high-rev AC-motors is also trending towards PI-based end-of-line inspection with quick measurement of the motors’ characteristic curves. Besides acquisition of the characteristic curves, a number of additional motor diagnostics tests are carried out which serve to determine the motor’s overall condition.

R&D test stands

The R&D field requires specialized test stations used in various development stages. Anything from classic motor development measurements, to gearing development and locomotion tests can be carried out at these test stands.

End-of-Line test stands

To minimize the consequential costs of faulty motor production affecting the subsequent product manufacturing process, end-of-line test stations conclude the assembly line. These test stations monitor the characteristic quantities as defined by the user and reject faulty test objects.

Endurance test stands

Before a new product is introduced in the market, its service life must be tested over a period of months and under a variety a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Temperature ranges from von –40 to +200°C and diverse ambient conditions are part of the regular program. Versatile and high-quality inspection prior to release ensures reliable operation and avoids the expense of recalls!

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