Application areas


The imc test stations for laboratory applications are available as conventional test stations of different performance grades, and in manufacturing settings as PI test stations with custom testing models and test algorithms.

imc Motor Diagnostics in R&D

  • Precise determination of electrical and mechanical power, as well as of the efficiency factor
  • Separate determination of controller and motor parameters possible
  • Customized test design

imc Motor Diagnostics in manufacturing

  • Quick and simultaneously exhaustive inspection
  • Inspection of expansion modules (Hall sensors , incremental counters, etc.)
  • Standards-compliant tests (high-voltage, noise testing, etc.)
  • Durability tests (balancing, axial wobble, etc.)
  • Quick, cost-efficient Parameter Identification procedures

imc Motor Diagnostics in quality management

  • Integrated statistical analysis
  • All-purpose interface to SPC programs
  • Inspection charts and Pareto diagrams online
  • Self-monitoring according to various criteria (e.g. WT-counter)

Professional system design

  • Project management
  • Maintenance plans based on inspection count, date and operating hours
  • Servicing
  • Production commissioning
  • Personnel training
  • Development of inspection procedures

Enhanced features

  • Stand alone operation or integration into production line

User-friendly operation

Configuration and operation of the program imc Motor Diagnostics is strongly tailored to the needs of administrators and operators of test stations in manufacturing and R&D. Every user profile will their own specially adapted settings and display modes.

Test documentation takes the form of reports based on templates and freely adapted by the user.

The system comes with a graphical user interface in either German or English, a calibration certificate and a user’s manual complete with technical specs.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.