Data Visualization and Basic Calculations

    In imc FAMOS I course, the philosophy of signal analysis using imc FAMOS is taught. Practical examples, various graphical display modes, and using basic mathematical functions are presented.

    Course contents

    Target Participants:

    All users of imc FAMOS for the purpose of evaluating or acquiring measurement data.

    Skill in the use of MS Windows (e.g., Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.).

    Course Content:

    • Default settings and options
      - basic settings
      - individualizing imc FAMOS 
      - tips and tricks for fine tuning imc FAMOS
    • imc FAMOS User Interface
      - input window, presentation of basic text input
      - toolbox with interactive help from the Function Assistant 
      - creating one’s own Toolbox entries (Favorites) 
      - variables List with introduction to basic data types
    • Graphical display of measurement data
      - configuring the display of measurement data (scaling, colors, etc.) 
      - display styles for measured data (standard graphics, bar charts, waterfall diagrams, color map display, numerical readout) 
      - visual measuring and reworking of measured values
    • Fundamentals of sequencing functions with imc FAMOS
      - calculation of data statistics
      - signal smoothing and filtering
      - processing of measurement data 
      - basic principles of creating sequences

    1 Day (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

    Registration Fee:
    $500 per person per day