imc Sensor & Telemetry Solutions

When it comes to providing a holistic solution, imc offers innovative sensor and telemetry solutions for a wide range of applications and areas in addition to the imc measurement hardware and software. 

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1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

imc sensor and telemetry solutions for a wide variety of applications

Modern telemetry systems are compact in design, flexible adaptable to any rotating application and allow an interference-free data transmission even under most difficult environmental conditions.

For applications in different industries, imc offers robust and compact wireless telemetry systems for the non-contact transmission of measurement data for torsion, temperatures, forces and vibrations of rotating parts on vehicles and machines.

In this webinar we give you an overview about our telemetry solutions from single channel temperature or strain gauge measurement to multi-channel high speed measurement of mixed sensor signals.

Furthermore, we will highlight our automotive sensor solutions:

  • Steering effort sensor
  • wheel speed sensor without a stator
  • brake temperature sensor
  • wheel torque transducer
  • 6 component wheel force transducer.

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