imc supports its customers in the corona crisis: free data analysis with imc FAMOS for home office

Berlin, 29 April 2020

imc Test & Measurement GmbH is supporting its customers in the corona crisis with free use of the professional data analysis software imc FAMOS Enterprise for the home office.

  • imc FAMOS can be used free of charge until the end of August by all customers in home office
  • Simple and fast, without any red tape
  • imc hotline available every day to provide help and support

Many customers are currently working every day from their home office under challenging conditions. This is all the more annoying when they lack important software packages. For imc customers there is now a fast and non-bureaucratic remedy: imc has decided to make the comprehensive data analysis software FAMOS Enterprise available free of charge until the end of August to its customers for use in their home office.

“Many customers currently don’t have access to their corporate license because they are working from home. However, data analysis can also be performed extremely well from home. It was therefore clear to us that we could and would help out”, said Stefan Hippe, Head of Development Software Tools at imc, explaining the background to the decision.

Accessing the home office version of imc FAMOS is fast and easy via the internet. Customers can download the software version from  and use it free of charge until the end of August.