New edition of the compact measurement device imc C-SERIES with CAN FD

Berlin, Germany, 14 August 2017 –

imc Meßsysteme GmbH has optimized and reissued the imc C-SERIES measurement system.

The new version of the imc C-SERIES-FD now comes standard with a CAN FD interface, which supports the new, fast CAN bus as well as the conventional CAN bus. The internal short-term UPS, which has been converted from lead-gel batteries to environment-friendly and maintenance-free Super-Caps, is also optimized. As another new feature, the imc C-SERIES-FD now supports characteristic curve processing in the conditioners. This allows user-defined, non-linear characteristic curves to be processed directly on the measurement amplifier and to not burden the integrated analysis platform imc Online FAMOS. This is completely available for real-time calculations, as well as for open- and closed-loop controls.

The comprehensive configuration package remains the same consisting of 8 or 16 channel precision measurement amplifiers, digital inputs and outputs as well as pulse counter inputs (e.g., for incremental encoders) and analog outputs.

The imc C-SERIES-FD is a stand-alone compact measurement device that is particularly suitable for universal measurements in mobile applications and for measurement and control tasks on test stands. “The imc C-SERIES is very popular with our customers. Especially in applications with small to medium channel numbers, the imc C-SERIES offers convincing features for a small amount of money. With the newly installed CAN FD interface, our customers are already equipped for the future. And even in the conventional CAN mode, the more powerful processor and the resulting higher performance make a positive impression”, says Martin Riedel, Product Marketing Manager at imc Meßsysteme GmbH.

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