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imc expands product portfolio with clickable CAN measurement modules

With imc CANSASflex, the test and measurement specialists at imc Meßsysteme GmbH have expanded their proven CAN measurement module family to include a new clickable series. The modules are  well-suited for a variety of test applications: test stands, vehicle testing, wind turbines and machinery testing. A wide selection of module types covers all typical signals and sensors – from universal amplifiers for different measurement variables to specialty measurement modules for complex tasks such as high-isolated tests on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Central or distributed installation
The modules can be used in spatially-distributed configurations or as a central unit. All it takes is a simple click: with the imc click-mechanism, the modules are mechanically and electrically connected – without tools or cabling. 
On test stands or in factory environments, a central installation in a 19” rack is often desired. The clever housing design of the imc CANSASflex modules allows for direct placement into a 19” cabinet. The modules are automatically supplied with power and connected to the CAN bus. Modules can even be added or exchanged during running measurements. Integrated sensor recognition using TEDS permits safe sensor connections and flawless configurations.

Intelligent functions make the difference

All imc CANSASflex modules are equipped with integrated signal processors that enable local real-time calculations of results and data reduction to reduce bus load. Moreover, imc CANSASflex supports cross-module synchronization, thus preventing phase offset between channels from different modules. This increases safety and productivity during testing. With the Heart Beat function, bus masters, such as control or automation systems, can permanently monitor the modules. They can recognize whether the modules are still connected, are working with proper configurations and, for modules with automatic sensor recognition, whether the correct sensor is connected. Depending on customer requirements, the modules can be outfitted with standard imc connectors, LEMO, ITT Veam, BNC, thermocouples or customer-specific connectors.

A complete measurement system with a single click
The new imc BUSDAQflex data logger complements the imc CANSAS product family perfectly and is also mechanically and electrically compatible with the imc CANSASflex click-mechanism. With a single click, a complete measurement system can be built from a module block that can simultaneously save all data and provide interfacing to common fieldbuses such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay und XCPoE. For communicating with control devices and application tools, imc BUSDAQflex supports various protocols like KWP2000, CCP, XCP or OBD-2. Numerous networking possibilities allow remote access to equipment and data, as well as automated synchronization with the imc cloud.

One software for everything
imc systems are especially productive when used with the imc STUDIO test and measurement software. With this software, users can configure all measurement parameters, create personal operation and display pages, automate test sequences, perform analyses and create print-ready test reports. This reduces the need for training and offers safety for everyday use.

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