The Measurement System as a “Networker”

The new edition of the imc C-SERIES compact measurement systems

At the SENSOR+TEST 2013 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, imc Meßsysteme GmbH will introduce its comprehensively revamped next generation of intelligent compact measurement systems. The new edition of imc C-SERIES offers improved and expanded wireless access capabilities plus new data storage and device networking options. This makes the process of acquiring physical measurements more convenient, enabling the user to obtain measurement results and achieve solutions sooner and more efficiently. The new systems come with a wide range of innovative features while retaining their excellent cost-benefit ratio.

More than a data logger – flexible and independent

The imc C-SERIES’ main strengths have always been and remain the comprehensive range of features and functionalities. State of the art universal and high precision amplifiers enable direct connection of all common sensors and signals. The included CAN-interface allows synchronized capture of vehicle bus and fieldbus information. To accomplish open- and closed-loop control tasks, digital inputs and outputs, as well as analog outputs, are available. The system’s key feature is its integrated digital signal processor, that provides extensive real-time calculations and analysis functions - from RMS or FFT all the way to complex closed-loop control functions, all at the push of a button.

Saving time by means of location- and platform-independent device access

Besides wired Ethernet connections, the new imc C-SERIES systems are accessible via wireless networks thanks to an internal WLAN-adapter.

Additionally, the new systems can run a local webserver that provides universal and platform independent remote device access via any standard web browser. This means that measured data and status updates can be monitored remotely, using any smartphone or tablet-PC – completely independent of the used computing hardware or operating system and without any dedicated software to install.


Convenient device networking and synchronization

Flexible system expandability by synchronized networking of multiple devices via Ethernet, which has always been a strength of imc systems, is now possible even without an extra synchronization signal, simply through network-based synchronization by means of the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

Increasing working productivity by integration into imc STUDIO

imc STUDIO is a modular software platform which unites all tools to efficiently solve measurement and testing tasks. This integrated software not only covers easy configuration and operation of the measurement devices, but also comprehensive data analysis and evaluation, visualization and reporting. Even complex open and closed-loop control tasks all the way to complete, real-time-capable automation of test stands can be achieved by operating the imc C-SERIES with imc STUDIO. Deployment as a stand-alone measurement system for unmanned, automated and Internet-aided remote monitoring is also possible.


imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.