imc FAMOS 7.3 Analysis Software

with interfacing tool to PowerPoint and open-source statistical package “R”

Berlin, 22 January 2018 – The data analysis software imc FAMOS helps engineers, technicians and scientists daily to efficiently analyze large amounts of data from research, development, production and maintenance. With the new imc FAMOS 7.3 version, imc Meßsysteme GmbH has added optimized digital value for its users. In addition to improved usability, the software also provides an interface to the popular open-source statistics package “R”, providing access to the expertise of a global community. Clearly expanded matrix functions allow not only versatile manipulation options for matrix elements, but also the determination of eigenvalues and zeros as well as interpolation in two-dimensional maps. New buttons, widgets and functions for the panel expand the presentation options.

The new interface to PowerPoint allows for the control of presentations remotely via sequences, panels and dialogues. For example, presentation elements can be automatically filled with dynamic content.

The user interface also comes with many improvements. The variable list now provides a configurable column view through which additional properties and metadata can be displayed. This includes, but is not limited to information such as units, lengths, sources, or even user-defined values like test object numbers. Sorting and filtering according to these columns are also possible and helps maintain an overview at all times of many datasets. In addition, the variable list can be structured hierarchically and displayed as a tree, using user-defined delimiters within the channel name.A special highlight of the new version is the bidirectional interface to the free statistics programming language “R”. In addition, R-scripts can be integrated directly into imc FAMOS sequences, data transferred and results returned as FAMOS variables. Thus, more than 5000 statistical packages and the knowledge of the broad statistical community of “R” can be used and seamlessly integrated and automated in imc FAMOS.

The optimized PDF export achieves smaller file sizes while dramatically improving print quality. In addition, text can now be embedded as objects in the PDF, allowing for searching, marking and copying of textual content in the PDF document.

The new possibility to save panel pages and widgets in a repository increases productivity: all elements stored within can easily be re-used in new projects by dragging and dropping.A free 30-day trial version of imc FAMOS 7.3 is available at 


imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.