World's first clickable, modular measurement system with IP67 protection for machine and vehicle testing

Berlin, 14 March 2019 – At the SENSOR+TEST trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, imc Test & Measurement GmbH will present imc CRONOS-XT, the world's first highly dynamic measurement system that is both modularly clickable and waterproof. A new modular technology allows the base unit and measurement modules to be connected without tools and cables to form a complete system without sacrificing protection. The robust housing and the flexibility to choose from a variety of modules make the imc CRONOS-XT the ideal measurement system for demanding tests on vehicles, agricultural machinery and engineering applications.

With a protection class of IP67, the devices are protected against water and dust. In combination with the particularly high shock resistance and MIL specification, the systems are also suitable for use under the toughest conditions.

“In 2011, we launched imc CRONOSflex, the first completely modular measurement system on the market that can be clicked together without tools or cables. It was an immediate success. Today, our customers use the systems for almost all mobile and stationary testing applications – the only exception being that it can’t get wet and dirty. With imc CRONOS-XT, we now want to close this gap,” says Ralf Winkelmann, Head of Development at imc, on the development of the new device series.

In spite of its robustness, imc CRONOS-XT is designed as a flexible modular system. It consists of a base unit, measurement modules and handles that can be connected to each other without tools or cables via a robust click-mechanism. Users can reassemble their measurement system for each measurement task in just a few minutes. High-precision modules with universal measurement amplifiers cover almost all sensor types including strain gauges, bridges, thermocouples, resistance thermometers (PT100/1000), pressure, displacement and accelerometers. In addition to analog measurement amplifiers, digital inputs and outputs as well as pulse counter inputs for incremental encoders are available. The direct integration of various field and vehicle buses such as CAN, CAN FD and LIN makes the systems particularly versatile. 

Depending on the type and number of measurement modules selected, analog channels can be recorded with 100 kHz and aggregate data rates of 2 MSps/s. This can also include hundreds of live-decoded field bus channels. imc CRONOS-XT operates autarkic and can acquire the data without PC support, calculate them online, store them and make them available via web server. The integrated real-time platform with online analysis functions delivers ready-to-use results during the measurement: whether FFT, power or class counting.

Cascaded system topologies can be operated for multi-channel applications with up to 10,000 channels or for a spatially distributed and decentralized setup. Network interfaces are used for connecting to each other as well as to the company network or the internet. An integrated web server enables convenient remote access via tablet or smartphone. Using a self-configurable web interface, users can remotely monitor characteristic curves and online analyses.

Configuration, operation and live visualization are conveniently performed via the imc STUDIO measurement software on the PC. In addition to fast configuration, users can create their own displays and user interfaces that are perfectly tailored to their needs.