Research and test center in India

imc Partner ATS and Amrita University open test center

In Coimbatore, South India, the renowned Amrita University has established together with the imc Partner, ATS, the "Amrita Automotive Research & Technology Centre (AARTC)" as a joint venture contract to productively exploit the synergies between industry and academia. So far, the AARTC is the only institution of its kind in South India.

On approximately 4,000 square meters, students and faculty can test and research: the testing center offers a complete infrastructure for vehicle evaluation, motor testing, NVH equipment as well as test vehicles, internal combustion engine test stands and a roller chassis dynamometer. Projects in the fields of development of powertrains and hybrid vehicles, as well as studies on driving dynamics and performance can now be used at their convenience by the University. In addition, simulations on the subject of vehicle dynamics and powertrain are possible. The simulation can even be coupled to the engine test benches. This is a win-win situation for students and industry: while the future engineers are allowed to conduct research with high-quality equipment and receive important practical experience, companies like ATS benefit from the research project results and can use this to their advantage when dealing with their employees or future customers. The test center is led by Prof. Dr. Thirumalai (Department of Mechanical Engineering).

For ten years already, imc Meßsysteme GmbH has been working with the partner company ATS India. The headquarters of ATS India is located in Delhi with branch offices in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore.

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Forschungs- und Testcenter in Indien