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imc STUDIO 5.0 simplifies measurement and testing applications

Recently, imc Meßsysteme GmbH has launched a new version of its integrated software for measurement, control, and test automation: imc STUDIO 5.0.

“When developing the new version, particular attention was paid to simplifying usage while simultaneously expanding the range of functions”, says Andreas Isbarn, head of imc STUDIO development.

Clear, modern and well-organized - this is how the new user interface of imc STUDIO 5.0 presents itself. Depending on the measurement hardware and task to face, the software menus automatically adapt. Three new view options, ranging from “simple” to “complete”, allow users to choose a representation and selection of available functions that is most suited to their personal needs and level of experience. Additionally, functions for automated rule based channel naming, data storage, export and analysis, as well as new display widgets and sequencer commands, contribute to more efficient test and measurement workflows. A scripting interface enables application engineers to add their own program code to imc STUDIO applications. Furthermore, measurements can be simultaneously supervised and commented live on multiple monitoring PCs using the new imc STUDIO Monitoring add-on package. A free Runtime Edition allows existing imc STUDIO applications to run on any number of work stations.

A focus on usability

To meet varying user requirements, three new view modes are available. The “Compact” and “Standard” views are ideal for users preferring a clear and easy-to-use range of functions, although they can switch to the “Complete” expert view with one mouse-click. New options for saving, organising and exporting the measured data speed up the workflow, both in interactive and automated operations. A structured project management system facilitates working with large varieties of test configurations.

Particulary interesting for test-drive applications: It is now easier to organize GPS position data and visualize it on maps. Another area where imc STUDIO has achieved advancements is the support of smart sensor systems, enabling complex measurements of driving dynamics, such as Kistler wheel force transducers (RoaDyn®), to be accessed via an interface.


Complete component test stands

Test applications are now even easier to create: imc STUDIO provides new functions to generate custom user interfaces and automated processes. In addition a scripting interface enables functional extensions via custom programming, as well as the integration of external devices and systems. Users can also conveniently design entire real-time test-bench control systems with the imc Online FAMOS real-time controller, which is an integral part of all imc systems’ hardware.


Simple solutions for monitoring tasks

The imc STUDIO Monitoring extension provides significant benefits when it comes to managing large numbers of channels – e.g. when monitoring multiple test benches in a test center, or various measurement systems within a distributed setup across multiple cars of a train. imc STUDIO Monitoring allows for the exchange of measured data between several imc devices and operating PCs, live comment  on the curren t results and access to the devices’ variables and outputs.


Measurement working hand in hand with  data analysis

The approach of integrating imc FAMOS to automate data analysis by launching sequences has been enhanced: by means of the new “Debug-Mode” it is possible to run and refine these sequences step-by-step, directly with the latest measurement data. This means all intermediate results are available for processing and viewing, which in turn makes it significantly easier to review and develop analysis algorithms.

Neue Version der modularen Software imc STUDIO 5.0