Australian imc Partner Lifts Off

New website launch

The Australian imc distributor, Applied Measurement Australia Pty. Ltd., has unveiled a new website and is ready for the further digital take-off. The website perfectly represents the imc brand and fits in completely with corporate digital presence of imc.

"As an imc Partner, it’s our intention to create and strengthen useful information networks in order to provide customers worldwide with the latest product and applications information. All of this content comes with a fresh look and with an user-friendly web interface," explains Alf Nyssen, Managing Director at Applied Measurement Australia.

By focusing on test & measurement productivity, Applied Measurement, Australia,  together with the German manufacturer imc Meßsysteme GmbH creates tools which empower engineers to deploy data acquisition systems and test strategies efficiently. Thus, the company is meeting the test and measurement challenges of development departments today, as well as tomorrow. Applied Measurement understands that each application in its own particular environment is different, and for over 30 years has developed a high level of expertise in consistently delivering high levels of precision and accuracy into engineered measurement, and industrial control system applications. Applied Measurement specialize in total system solutions not only supplying instrumentation and data acquisition but have the capabilities to supply from the correct sensors to measure strain, vibration, position, force, velocity, vehicle dynamics and much more ensuring you are utilizing the best technology in the industry to achieve your measurement requirements.