Measurement and Simulation in one System

imc HiL erlaubt produktive Hardware-in-the-Loop-Prüfungen

Simulation is a key aspect of modern automotive development today. This places additional demands on the measurement systems used in testing and calls for a comprehensive solution for measurement, control, regulation and simulation united in one system.

imc Meßsysteme GmbH (manufacturer), together with its partnerIndian partner ATS, introduces imc HiL, a turnkey solution for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL), bringing together trials performed in the real, physical world with simulation. In the words of Dr. Franz Hillenbrand, who heads development at imc:

“Along with efficient measurement tools, the HiL method is gaining considerable importance within our customers’ development departments. It enables early, reproducible testing that leads to significant reductions in development time. With our imc HiL product we’re offering a solution that brings together data acquisition, control, regulation and simulation in one measurement system. This simplifies use and boosts the productivity of our customers.”

imc HiL therefore fulfills the increased demands of HiL test stands. Furthermore, its compact design and PC-independent operation allow mobile HiL applications in road trails.

For integration of simulated components or environmental models into the measurement setup, imc HiL is based on the industry-wide standard MatLab/Simulink. Models created in this environment are directly integrated into the measurement system and executed in real time on an embedded processor inside the measurement hardware – synchronous to the measurement of real physical quantities.

The modular imc CRONOScompact measurement system is the basis of the imc HiL measurement solution. It manages all inputs and outputs, allows calculation and analysis in real time and saves measurement and analysis data. With its modular design, imc CRONOScompact can be optimally adapted to any measurement task. Its various amplifiers and modules allow direct connection of all common analog sensors and busses.

imc CRONOScompact becomes a particularly productive solution when used together with its software platform imc STUDIO. This intelligent software platform  makes the complete system ready-to-run immediately, without any need for programming whatsoever, supporting the user in a range of tasks, from data simple acquisition, control and regulation through to automation of complete test stands with integrated HiL simulation.


imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.