imc Test & Measurement admits to its corporate social responsibility

We at imc Test & Measurement stand in with our brand essence „productive testing“ and its encapsulated brand values „supporting innovation“, „well-grounded“ and „reliable“ for values that go beyond the sphere of technical development and service.

We take on responsibility for our actions worldwide. We look after a straight, unbiased and transparent communication and a likewise behavior with our customers and partners.

In 2020 we have tied our values with the existing laws against the discrimination of sex, color, religion or handicap. We support the diversity of people in our working environment. Therefor we have adjusted our public relation and corporate communication to this aim accordingly. Our communication, for example, aims for gender equal expressions to make visible that the female and male staff likewise contribute to the company’s successs.

In November 2020 the „ZVEI Code of Conduct“ was signed and the corporate canon of values of imc Test & Measurement was set to an even broader base.  By signing the ZVEI Code of Conduct we admit to our corporate social responsibility and oblige to pursue its specified aims. Within the given possibilities we are bound to voluntarily act upon and support the given maxims at our worldwide branch locations for the collective good and the sustainable development of the global community.

At imc Test & Measurement we stand in for fair working conditions, for social responsibility and environmental sustainability, according to the „Rio Declaration on Environment and Development“ (1992). We aim at and are supporting transparency, a trustful collaboration and dialogue with all our commercial partners.

The ZVEI Code of Conduct


imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.