FORD Europe banks on imc

31 new measurement systems for FORD - reliability both on test drives and in the test rig

Already since 2003, FORD has been testing the performance of its cars’ HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) using imc CRONOS systems. Toward this end, up to 300 analog measurement channels, mainly thermocouples, are set up throughout the vehicle. Once equipped with their sensors, the vehicles are sent to the wind tunnel (test rig) or on a test drive. The test vehicles and their sensor equipment are either exposed to winter proving trials where they are cooled down to -40°C or are heated up to 80° for summer proving trials.

The newly ordered  imc CRONOScompact are the second generation and have the additional task of performing high-voltage measurements of E-mobility.

Eliminating re-tooling time

FORD enjoys the convenience and time savings provided by the ability to connect the test drive vehicles via Ethernet directly to the test rig instrumentation. All connected measurement channels can be visualized and saved directly at the PC.

Along with the imc CRONOScompact systems, FORD has also ordered imc CANSAS modules and an application for simplified parameterizing from imc.

31 imc CRONOScompact Messsysteme

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.