Digital Dynamism in the Year of the Horse

Chinese branch imcAccess presents its new website

The Chinese calendar’s Year of the Horse stands for dynamism, drive and vigor– all of which are reflected in the results achieved by the Chinese branch imcAccess. With the new Chinese website, the company provides customers with in-depth content along with high usability, while featuring the recognizability of imc’s distinctive corporate design. 

This will raise the brand’s profile both in the Chinese market and on the international stage. “The new Chinese website is an important milestone for imc – after all, over a billion people speak the language, and China has always been one of our major markets” says Ralf Winkelmann, Sales Manager of imc Meßsysteme GmbH.

Over the last twelve years, Chinese high-speed trains, vehicle manufacturing and power production have undergone massive development. Before innovative new products can be introduced, they are subjected to exhaustive testing. For many demanding measurement tasks, the tools of choice were products and solutions from imc. In particular, the technical consulting and on-site service provided by the competent imcAccess team are of decisive value to imc’s Chinese customers.

Chinesiche Webseite

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.