Aircraft recertification testing

The Czech aircraft manufacturer LET ‐ Aircraft Industries (formerly LET Kunovice) specializes in small passenger aircraft and gliders. When it comes to aircraft manufacturers, to stand still without progress is a step backwards. In order to fulfill customer requests and to have the ability to always offer effective products as well as the need for ever increasing performance parameters ,LET constantly works on further modernizing its successful aircraft. Last year, the manufacturer ended certification testing on its L 410 UVP E20 aircraft.

In the newer upgrade, more efficient and powerful engines from General Electric (GE M601‐E) were used. For each new market adjustment, that is, after refitting or retrofitting the aircraft, the manufacturer must perform recertification. The scope of the recertification tests depends not only on the respective standards and norms, but also on specific customer requirements. For important components, such as the aircraft power plants, the requirements are high.

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