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imc DataWorks provides instrumentation and software specialized for multi-parameter, mixed-signal mechanical data acquisition, measurement, and control.

With imc's configuration based setup; online real time calculations, analysis, and control; and offline tools for everything from quick & easy visualization, to powerful data reduction and reporting through an integrated scripting/dialog macro language, ... you can quickly see how imc's clients improve their "Time to Test".

From the smallest single channel monitoring measurement to the largest ocean liner or aircraft structural test of 1000's of channels, all measurements have something in common: the need to collect useful information to understand or characterize some physical property.

imc was incorporated in Berlin, Germany in 1988 in response to its founders' vision of the dramatic changes PCs and graphical user interfaces would soon bring to instrumentation. As a pioneer in Windows-applications and a producer of PC-based measurement technology, imc very soon became one of the leading firms in this field. The robust growth of imc's sales, comprised of exports by almost 40%, underscore our competitiveness on the market world-wide.

imc DataWorks, LLC is a full service extension of imc into the North American market. Based in Novi, MI, imc DataWorks continues to offer system configuration, application development, and hardware calibration and repair services for the imc product line, and has done so since 2002.