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In this training overview, you can see locations, dates and prices for all product training and seminars for 2017. Upon request, all events can be scheduled to be held on-site at the customer's location.

Registration fee per day: $ 500*

Novi, MI USA
imc STUDIO I - Device Operation   2017-11-06
imc STUDIO II - Performing Additional Measurements   2017-11-07
imc STUDIO III - Real-time Processing of Measurement Data   2017-11-08
imc STUDIO IV - Implementation of Measurement Sequencing   2017-11-09
imc STUDIO V - Control & Automation   2017-11-10
Registration fee per day: $ 500*

Novi, MI USA
imc FAMOS I - Data Visualization and Basic Calculations   2017-08-22
imc FAMOS II - Signal Analysis and Automation   2017-08-23
imc FAMOS III - User-defined Analysis Interfaces   2017-08-24

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