imc FAMOS - data analysis framework

Comprehensive data processing & signal analysis framework

imc FAMOS 6.3: fast functionality

You have data. You need answers. Fast.
Regardless of where your data originates - test stand, mobile measurements, or remote installations - imc FAMOS 6.3 provides you with the versatile software tools necessary to visualize and analyze your data, automating routine and complex tasks, from data import to test report.

Worldwide, imc FAMOS has helped people to understand their test data, extract useful information, and document test results in manufacturing industries from automotive development to wind power.

imc FAMOS' extensive capabilities and workflow oriented framework integrates:

  • Ready-to-go visualization
  • Handy function assistant to get you started with analysis
  • Drag & drop report creation with the ease of direct PDF output
  • Multi-layered macro project environment to make using and distributing
    imc FAMOS analysis a snap

imc FAMOS Reader - Free software for viewing measurement data

With the imc FAMOS Reader, you can quickly and easily view data on your PC for free. Besides the imc FAMOS data format and data from imc measurement systems, a variety of other data formats are supported. Find out more about the imc FAMOS Reader.