• High-resolution current measurements

    imc CANSAS-IHR

    High-resolution current measurements

  • imc CANSAS H IHR Rack

    imc CANSAS-IHR

    As a rack system for up to 7 plug-in modules with 2 channels

  • Messmodul für mobile Anwendungen

    imc CANSAS-IHR

    A measurement module for mobile applications

Measuring module for precise current measurement from 50 nA to 50 A

The imc CANSAS-IHR measuring module allows the highly precise and interruption-free measurement of the current characteristics from 50 nA to 50 A. Responsible for the high range dynamics are two different measuring shunts, which are dynamically switched according to the strength of the current using an auto-ranging method.

With the imc CANSAS-IHR, a tool is now available to developers for the first time that enables a highly precise and complete measurement of the current characteristics - for example for the examination of quiescent and operating currents in electrical components and systems.

At a glance

  • Two autonomous, isolated channels for current measurement with automatic range switching
  • Wide measuring range up to 50 A
  • High resolution of 50 nA and 30-bit range dynamics (resultant)
  • Internal A/D converter digitalises at 30 kSample/s
  • Directly calculated output variables: minimum, maximum & mean value
  • Output over CAN-bus with selectable data rates from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz

Comfortable configuration

All properties of the measuring module, such as baud rate and the desired CAN messages, can be set using the imc CANSAS software included. 

Once a configuration has been created it can be permanently saved in the module so that the measurement begins directly after starting.



Measurement modules for mobile applications

Rack version for laboratory and test stand

19" Baugruppenträger mit Steckplatzkodierung zum direkten Einschub von imc CANSAS-H-IHR Messmodulen
For laboratory and test stand: 19" rack with slot coding for the direct plug-in of imc CANSAS-H-IHR measuring modules
imc CANSAS-H-IHR-RACK (Rückansicht mit Anschlusstechnik)
imc CANSAS-H-IHR (back)

Typical application areas

Aufbau eines Laborfahrzeugs (Quelle: BFFT Gesellschaft für Fahrzeugtechnik mbH)
Construction of a laboratory vehicle for the measurement of quiescent and operating currents as well as the testing of control devices (source: BFFT Gesellschaft für Fahrzeugtechnik mbH)
  • Measurement of quiescent and operating current
  • Measurement of leakage currents
  • Energy balancing
  • Examination of complex sleep modes, e.g. of control devices
  • Examination of start-up behaviour (surge, inrush)