Gateway from CAN to EtherCAT - imc CANCAT

imc CANCAT - Gateway from CAN to EtherCAT

imc CANCAT is a flexible and cost-effective gateway that connects up to 6 CAN busses with EtherCAT and/or Ethernet networks. As alternatives, the 5th CAN bus can also be connected to a K-line and the 6th to a LIN bus. The imc CANCAT can transmit in both directions: received CAN/LIN messages are sent via Ethernet/EtherCAT, and over Ethernet/EtherCAT, received data packets are output as CAN/LIN.

imc CANCAT connects CAN, LIN and K-line with EtherCAT/Ethernet networks

At a glance

  • Bi-directional Gateway from CAN/LIN-Bus to EtherCAT/Ethernet
  • 6 CAN bus connections
  • 1 CAN bus connection as optional LIN bus connection
  • 1 CAN bus connection as optional L-line connection
  • Status LED for each CAN input and power LED for the module
  • Simple parameterization using a PC with the imc CANCAT software or over EtherCAT/CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT)
  • Compatible with the imc CANSAS module rack for 19" installations

Application possibilities

Several CAN busses, a LIN bus and a K-line can be reduced to a single fast EtherCAT/Ethernet connection

The imc CANCAT is particularly suitable for test stand applications where a PC or automation system needs to simultaneously communicate over many interfaces with test stand components or a vehicle. The gateway synchronously acquires data from several vehicle bus interfaces and they are then concentrated and output over a single fast EtherCAT/Ethernet connection. Thus, instead of needing 6 CAN interfaces, only a single network interface is necessary to integrate the data, such as by an EtherCAT master or a TCP/IP interface.

Since the imc CANCAT supports CAN bus, LIN bus and K-line, all common busses in the automotive sector are covered.


The imc CANCAT is delivered without software. For configuration and integration into existing software structures, corresponding programming must take place by the customer. The integration work can also be contracted as a service at imc.