imc USA Test & Measurement Day 2017

imc USA Test & Measurement Day 2017

Free of charge seminar offered by imc USA

Practical knowledge for improving tests and measurements

The imc USA "Test & Measurement Day" is offered free of charge by imc USA. A whole day will be devoted to the basics of measurement technology. 

The imc USA "Test & Measurement Days" is aimed at users of measurement technology and those interested from the fields of research, development, testing, maintenance and service.

At the end of the day there is the opportunity for networking and personal exchange with other participants and trainers.

Following the imc USA "Test & Measurement Day" are three days of imc ACADEMY FAMOS Training - subject to charge.


Basics of measurement technology
Novi, MI USA - AUG 21st 2017

Novi, MI USA - AUG 22nd 2017

Novi, MI USA - AUG 23rd 2017

Novi, MI USA - AUG 24th 2017

This seminar day gives a practical and compact summary of the basics of measurement technology: from the physical background to sensors and data acquisition techniques to data analysis and data management.

imc FAMOS I - Data visualization and basic calculations.

In imc FAMOS I course, the philosophy of signal analysis using imc FAMOS is taught. Practical examples, various graphical display modes, and basic mathematical functions are presented.

imc FAMOS II - Signal analysis and automation.

Building on the acquired skills from imc FAMOS I; participants will be able to create complex automated analyses and manage their projects using the Sequence Editor and Project Management.

imc FAMOS III - User-defined analysis interfaces

Using the dialog editor, imc FAMOS offers the possibility to provide especially complex calculations with an interactive interface. This allows the user to comfortably make any necessary input and selections without leaving the imc FAMOS world. The data browser is the tool for quick and easy visualization of measurement data.