Energy and power quality analysis

Over land, at sea and in the air

For many years now, imc has been working together with leading companies in the energy sector to offer efficient, turn-key measurement and monitoring solutions for wind turbines, power plants, and energy networks. From the development stage to load tests on existing facilities - imc provides precisely tailored measurement solutions based on more than 15 years of experience with prototypes, components, structures and power quality tests.

The durable imc measurement systems are PC-independent and work reliably where normal electronics would fail. All of the components for signal conditioning, AD conversion and real-time transfer and storage of data are integrated into one system. This allows for delivery of imc solutions from a completely independent and remote location.

When it comes to measuring power curves, or evaluating the power supply and quality, imc systems allow for intelligent monitoring and analysis.


Productive solutions for the wind industry

  • Applications in development and certification measuring of prototypes and components
  • Load and electromechanical efficiency measurements
  • Condition monitoring/sound and noise measurements
  • Power monitoring as per EN 50160 and IEC 61 400-7, -15, -21, -30

Power measuring, monitoring and quality analysis

  • Power monitoring and quality analysis as per EN 50160, IEC 61400-21
  • Platform for the measurement of all physically defined variables on the power network (e.g., frequency, voltage spikes, voltage fluctuations, harmonics, flicker, signal frequencies)
  • Measurement and analysis of all output power and performance parameters
  • Smart-grid simulation